Press Release
Announcing AlienLeaksMay 26, 2021 Humanity is not only ready for extraterrestrial disclosure - it requires it to evolve into a peace loving and compassionate society.

Secret encounters are deliberately kept from the public while powerful governments advance their system of oppression utilizing covert scientific discoveries. These revelations are not aimed at the general public's welfare, but war, and total control and oppression of populations throughout planet Earth.

Borrowing heavily on inspiration from WikiLeaks, AlienLeaks will be focused on collecting, curating, and publishing leaked documents regarding extraterrestrial technology, biology, and communications.

If you are a scientist, researcher, in communication with aliens, or otherwise have access to original - never before seen - documents regarding alien technology, biology, or communications, please consider reading the AlienLeaks Submit Documents with Tor page for further information regarding the process for submitting documents to AlienLeaks.

The security and anonymity of our sources is of utmost importance; AlienLeaks provides a technology stack that is custom-built with the express goal of protecting sources.

Please use the AlienLeaks pubkey [ ADE7 0CB1 FBD1 C0D4 593B A998 C49B 613A C4BB 9FB9 ] to establish secure communications.

AlienLeaks is a publication for humanity.